Executive Board 2019-2020

Andrew Chen
Year: 4th
MCB Emphasis: Cell and Developmental Biology
Favorite class at Cal: NST 20

Hi!! I joined MCBcDNA during my first semester at Cal and it's easily been one of the best communities I've ever met. From meeting new friends and professors to getting referred research positions/jobs through other members of the club, I always knew that I wanted to help other students get the same opportunities in the future. My main goals for this year are to bring members within the club closer while also collaborating more with different organizations/clubs on campus to co-host new events together! Outside of cDNA, I am a member of Asian American Association, a volunteer at free clinics, and a researcher in the Schaffer lab. You can probably find me studying at MLK or Esh, eating out (KBBQ anyone?), or making up excuses to not go to the gym. I also plan to spend more time rock climbing and exploring new places in the Bay this year :)
Stephanie Zhang
Year: 4th
MCB Emphasis: Cell and Developmental Biology
Minor: Data Science
Favorite classes at Cal: Data 8, Psych 110

Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie, and I’m a fourth year from Yorba Linda, California. I'm particularly interested in the intersection of data and medicine in health care. Outside of cDNA, I do stem cell research in the Clark Lab, mentor elementary/middle schoolers through BEAM, and volunteer at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital. Aside from academics, I enjoy traveling, trying new food places, watching movies, ice skating, and photography/videography!
Vice President
Avani Vaid
Year: 4th
MCB Emphasis: Cell and Developmental Biology
Favorite class at Cal: MCB 130

Hi! I'm Avani and I've been in cDNA ever since the spring of my freshman year. Giving back to the MCB community has been such a rewarding experience! My favorite cDNA memory is our annual Friendsgiving! It truly makes me feel like I have a family at Cal. Outside of cDNA, I'm a Chem 1A tutor at the SLC and I'm teaching a decal about Pixar movies! I also enjoy dancing, rock climbing, hiking, and exploring new food places.
External Secretary
Gurjiwan Dhaliwal
Year: 3rd
MCB Emphasis: Cell and Developmental Biology
Favorite class at Cal: Math 10B

I joined cDNA my sophomore year and came to love the club community and the work we do. So far, my favorite memory is our end of the year banquet where we celebrated all of the hard work over the past year. Aside from cDNA, I spend most of my time in class, in a research lab, or preparing for and teaching my DeCal on orthopaedics. I am really passionate about research, especially biomechanics.
Internal Secretary
Gayathri Krishna
Year: 3rd
MCB Emphasis: Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Minor: English
Favorite class at Cal: Comp Lit 100

Hi friends! I go by Krish, and I am a third MCB Immuno major with a minor in English. I'm from Dallas, Texas, but I have an ironic affinity for cold weather. Outside of cDNA, I conduct behavioral training in mice through the Feldman Lab. I'm also the president for Volunteers Around the World, a medical outreach group on campus, and am actively involved in Laya of Berkeley, a South Asian fusion music group. I like to read, sing, and hike, and I love dogs. I'm also always looking for new cafe or podcast recommendations!
Allen Khudaverdyan
Year: 2nd
MCB Emphasis: Neurobiology
Favorite class at Cal: ****

Publicity Chair
Gianina Wicaksono
Year: 4th
MCB Emphasis: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Minor: EECS
Favorite class at Cal: Environmental Design 4B

Hello! I go by Gia. I am a 4th year from Ithaca, NY majoring in MCB-biochemistry & minoring in EECS. I'm interested in dynamics & control in biological systems. I joined MCBcDNA my junior year and I'm very grateful to have found a great group of friends in this organization to support the MCB community with. Outside of cDNA, I do translational controls research at Ingolia lab, play trombone at Cal Football games with Cal Band, and work at the Hearst Museum of Anthropology. I enjoy hiking, music, art museums, photography, and listening to the Radiolab podcast. I'm also on the lookout for a good thriller or comedy - let me know your recommendations!
Fundraising Chair
Zachary Su
Year: 4th
MCB Emphasis: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Favorite class at Cal: Letters & Science 121: Origins in Science and Religion

Hi all! I'm Zachary, a fourth-year MCB biochemistry major. I've been a member of MCBcDNA since my junior year. I enjoy planning events with MCBcDNA. In addition to the club and classes, I've done research in two molecular biology labs, one studying neurobiology and the other HIV. I've also been interested in CRISPR for a while. I enjoy running, spending time outdoors with family, and listening to Chillhop music. Let me know if you have any questions about science or life; I enjoy conversing about these subjects.
Media Chair
Lilianne Lee
Year: 3rd
MCB Emphasis: Cell and Developmental Biology
Favorite class at Cal: Geography 20

Hihi! I'm Lily and I'm a third year from Irvine, CA. I joined MCBcDNA my freshman year and I've loved every part of it -- from when I started out as a timid freshman asking for advice to now doing the same and helping the underclassmen navigate MCB and Cal. Outside of academics I enjoy binging Netflix/Hulu shows, attending electronic recitals, curating Spotify playlists, and trying out new restaurants in Berkeley! You can probably find me outside under the sun or napping somewhere randomly on campus!