How to Join


MCBcDNA has a very diverse membership and each of our members contribute their uniqueness to the club. However, we do look for members who are dedicated, confident, motivated, creative, and present leadership and teamwork capabilities. 

Executive members are expected to take an active role in MCBcDNA through participating in events, meetings, and workshops.

*Must be a current Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior


* We are recruiting for Spring 2020! Please check back later! Applications will be released soon!! *

Our membership application has two parts, a basic information form and a series of short answer questions to provide a description of the applicant's background. Applicants submit the information form electronically when they finish.

After applications have been reviewed by an admissions committee in the club, a selection of applicants will progress to an interview stage. Applicant interviews are business professional and approximately 30 minutes in length.

Once the interviews are complete, the club admissions committee will make final selections and notify applicants of the decision via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MCBcDNA?
MCBcDNA (Molecular and Cell Biology, Cell Developmental, Neurobiological Association) is a student club sponsored by the UC Berkeley Molecular and Cell Biology Department. We provide a variety of responsibilities, roles, and mobility for our members. We focus on providing our peers with resources for success through more targeted and informative events. Most importantly, we engage our members and promote a sense of community that is simply indispensable in today's world. This is accomplished through retreats, socials, and workshops.

Do I have to be an MCB major to apply?
MCBcDNA is open to students of ALL majors. However, we do expect members to express interest in the biological field.

What is the time commitment for an executive member?
We highly encourage our members to attend ALL of our events and socials. We expect our members to take on an active role within the club. You need to be able to contribute at least 5 hrs/wk to the club. Responsibilities include planning events, publicizing resources, and attending meetings.

How often does MCBcDNA recruit?
MCBcDNA recruits members every semester, so if you missed our recruitment cycle, please check back at the beginning of the next semester. We also welcome re-applicants.

What are the benefits of joining MCBcDNA?
MCBcDNA is a professional club that fosters academic excellence, leadership, professionalism, and friendship among all of our members. As a member of the club, you have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills at Cal by planning campus-wide events and network with other students. We train our members to host professional events for the MCB department. In addition, you will also have the chance to meet wonderful students of all backgrounds and make lifelong friendships.

Being a member is a truly rewarding experience!